The importance of a well-being strategy

A happy and balanced employee is the cornerstone of a successful business. There has been a lot of talk in recent years about well-being at work, but defining and measuring it often seems challenging. For this reason, it is good to dive deeper into what well-being at work means and how the work community can contribute to achieving it. This reflection can be used to develop a clear strategy for well-being at work.

A well-being strategy ensures the resilience and motivation of existing employees, but also provides an important competitive advantage in the eyes of new employees.

You might want to consider these aspects:

  • Physical well - being (general health, fitness and nutrition)

  • Mental well - being (Stress management, mood, coping and motivation)

  • Professional well-being (Opportunity to develop professional skills and be heard in the work community)

  • Personal well-being (It is also possible to do well outside the workplace on the basis of the well-being of each employee)

Once we have defined what well-being involves, it is noticeable how a broad concept is talked about and one can start thinking about a holistic approach. For this reason, an annual well-being day or exercise event is difficult to make enough to support well-being - at least if quality results are to be achieved.


  • How does our work community support employee mobility?

  • Is current occupational health care sufficient to prevent, not just treat, health problems?

  • What solutions can we offer to ensure food diversity?

  • How do we identify employee overload? How do we prevent and treat it?

  • How do we collect feedback on satisfaction?

  • Do we provide quality training to strengthen professional development?

  • Can we influence how an employee can work outside of working hours?

The questions are intended to raise questions about what practices already exist and what practices are needed.

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