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Workplace Wellbeing

Want to increase employee wellbeing and productivity? From relaxation to exercise solutions, we have you covered. BodyPioneer offers low threshold, efficient ways for self care and healthy lifestyles, which will help keep your employees motivated and efficient.


Attract new customers and stay competitive! What if we told you there is a way to save hours from current recovery routines with more effective solutions? Diversifying services for recovery and performance will generate more customers and help keep current ones motivated and active.

Hotels and Spas

Our customers include hotels and spas from all over the world. We offer a wide selection of innovations to complete the perfect day of relaxation and beauty. Rest assure, our selection will please the most selective treatment seekers.  

Pro Sports

We are specialised in the most efficient and innovative recovery and training methods in the market. We help athletes maximise efficiency for increasing mobility, decreasing pain and also preventing and recovering from injuries.

Travel wellness

With over 180 thousand hotels worldwide, the demand for comprehensive services is increasing. We offer wellness experiences, that will serve all customer groups from business to leisure travellers. 

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Performance and BodyPioneer

Performance and BodyPioneer

If you’re looking to increase your performance in a specific area, look no further. Our devices offer a variety of handy features to help you get well on your way! No matter what your line of fitness is, it’s important to keep your training as versatile as possible...

Weight loss and BodyPioneer

Weight loss and BodyPioneer

BodyPioneer machines take weight loss to the next level. Our machines are designed to inspire and motivate towards finding the joy in exercise by boosting metabolism and providing an edge to your workout. How can a machine make all of this happen, you ask?...


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