Attract new customers and stay competitive

Want your gym to stand out from the crowd?

Diversifying services for recovery and performance will generate more customers and help keep current ones motivated and active. Bodypioneer offers innovative ways to attract new customers and stay competitive in the market.

BodyPioneer offers low threshold, efficient ways for self care and healthy lifestyles, which will help keep your employees motivated and efficient.



Performance package for increasing endurance, explosiveness of workouts and improving overall strength. Our solutions are suitable for all fitness levels from beginners to professional athletes.


Recovery package for maximum recovery and relaxation after and in between workouts. Providing customer relaxation is a good solution for preventing overtraining.


Pain relief package for prevention and recovery from injuries. Our recovery solutions will help increase overall use of services and keep your customers in top condition.

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World class support and maintenance


Choose from separately purchased maintenance services or choose our easy, yearly all inclusive maintenance package. Our repairmen are on call seven days a week.

Maintenance package benefits

  • No suprise costs, all inclusive repair services
  • Discount on repair parts
  • Maintain your devices with a set price
  • Phone and tech support


Top of the line training for the use of all our devices. These services include maintenance training as well as a variety of tailored courses to fit the needs of your professionals.

Our training programs include:

  • Bodypioneer and rehabilitation
  • Personal training and Bodypioneer devices
  • Bodypioneer for athlete performance
  • Entrepreneurship with Bodypioneer devices


Flexible solutions to financing investments in our devices. Leasing your devices offer you the possibility to provide top of the line equiment for your clientele with minimum investment.

Benefits of leasing:

  • Leasing is the most cost efficient way to expand and upgrade your selection of services
  • Saves you time and effort – we negotiate financing for you
  • Best prices on the market thanks to our co-operative partners
  • Your finances will not be tied to machinery
  • Leasing costs are tax deductible
  • Possibility to purchase machinery at the end of the leasing term


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