In July we were searching for 5 people to take part in a special 8 week training program, which includes a 30 minute workout and massage rolling for 3 times/week, personal trainer support and nutrition coaching. The first 2 started their journey last week. Let’s see what they thought about it!


Iina, 45, is a mother of four. Due to back pain and other issues she’s fatigued and often stays home instead of being active. This lifestyle has gained her almost 30 extra kilos. After one week of our training program she felt like this:

“3 workouts in and going for another one today. I feel lighter and less tired, although there are no visible results yet. 50C infrared heat and vacuum pressure make the workout really effective. Great invention! While massage rolling my breath becomes steady again and I can feel how good rolling is for my whole body.”


“Today’s workout got my whole body sweating, even my forearms. I get more and more excited, I’m getting in shape and those lumps of fat are melting quite easily. I think I can already see some change!”


Iiris, 23, has done sports all her life and works as a physiotherapist. In the last few years she’s started to notice cellulite on her stomach, waist and thighs. She is hoping to get help shaping her body.

”Wow, what a week! After the first week I feel good. I’m thirsty all the time and have to use the bathroom quite a lot, though not more than usual. I sleep better and feel more refreshed in the mornings. I can feel I’m getting rid of the excess fluid in my body even though it’s not visible yet. After the first session my calves and inner thighs got sore, most likely because of the massage rolling. I did an extra fourth session with only vacuum pressure and tried running, phew! I immediately started sweating.”


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