Paula, 57, applied for the 8-week training program to boost her energy levels and lose some weight. Lately her life has been stressful and she’s had no motivation to exercise. Her thyroid having been removed and due to poor metabolism it’s hard for her to lose weight.

The 8-week training program consists of three weekly infrared/vacuum pressure workouts combined with massage rolling.

Here are Paula’s thoughts on the first few training sessions:


Session 1

First session! We started off with Bodyshape. I put on my shorts and trainers and then a very slim kind of skirt. The skirt gets attached to the machine. The very first workout session was called Fast Burning, which fits my goals perfectly – to lose weight and speed up metabolism.

The temperature was set to 40 degrees – yaiks! And off we went. The machine had a nice landscape video as well, as if I was walking abroad.

After Bodyshape I changed my shorts to long trousers and moved onto 45 minutes massage rolling session.


Session 2

Bodyshape was set to 50 degrees and I wanted to try whether I could conquer 7km/h. And I did! The machine showed crazy amounts of calories – which was heart warming. Warming indeed and sweaty and needing of a towel.

I was a bit nervous whether I’d remember the order of the massage rolling program. Surprisingly there was only one or two times that I had to turn for help. 45 minutes went flying past, rolling was relaxing and warmed up my muscles nicely.

Apparently rolling burns calories too – who would’ve thought!

After this session I got a huge energy boost – I could’ve done everything. I even walked home from the station and was super diligent at housework! Not sure if it was thanks to Bodyshape, Roll or both.


Session 3

Yesterday I walked somewhere around 5000 steps up and down and yes, my calves are very stiff.

But off we go again with Bodyshape and surprisingly it got rid of almost all of the tension in my calves. Apparently one of infrared heat’s benefits!

I noticed today that I’m sweating more, drinking more and going to the bathroom more often than before. Clearly this program affects my metabolism. I’ve lost 500g but I’m not sure if it’s the workouts or me being more active than usual in everyday life.


Session 4

Second day in a row. I was a bit suspicious whether I’d be able to do two days in a row but it wasn’t bad at all. 30 minutes on Bodyshape was over very quickly.

I tried a 60 min rolling program instead of 45 min. Few of the first positions were tough on my back but otherwise an hour of massage rolling was good.

Afterwards I got super energetic – this workout has a really positive effect on the energy levels.

Tomorrow I’m going to do the LYMPHA program. This one I’m really looking forward to, I wonder what this change will bring about?



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