Mira, 34, applied for the training program to lose weight. 5 years ago Mira enjoyed being active. However after the birth of her second child, she couldn’t get herself back on track. One thing let to another and she lost the grip of being healthy. Mira’s biggest challenge is lack of motivation and she needs support to get her started on her weight loss journey.

Our 8-week training program consists of three weekly infrared/vacuum pressure workouts combined with massage rolling.

This is how Mira found her first two training weeks:


Week 1

During the first session I felt like the combination of 30min Bodyshape and 45min Roll were the hardest I’ve ever worked.

I started sweating during the first 3 minutes, which kept on going even when I left the studio few hours later…

So obviously my body has been in a sort-of-coma for 3 years. It’s no wonder since the most strenuous things I’ve done have been plowing snow and walking to get the mail.

During this first week the quality of my sleep improved. Especially on the days of working out I fell asleep instantly. I’ve also been getting very hungry – a feeling I haven’t had for years – during massage rolling.


Week 2

On the start of this gloomy and rainy Monday something happened to my brain – I was actually looking forward to my session. I got hungry once again during rolling even though I had had quite a big breakfast. The amount of sweating didn’t decrease either. It did however start a bit later, around 10min of walking on Bodyshape.

This week’s second session was smooth. I already feel I’m getting in shape in such a short time.



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