Contactless fever and mask detection center

Protect yourself and others with Sanetiq – contactless sanitising station with fever and mask detection

Sanetiq combines the following features – all features can be activated or deactivated based on need:

  • Fever detection in o.5 seconds
  • Face mask detection
  • Facial recognition system for monitoring visitors
  • Hand sanitising station
  • 18″ advertising screen for displaying videos or pictures
  • Voice guidance

Detects elevated temperature between 30°C – 45°C with a  0.2°C accuracy

Measuring process is quick and effortless, as you approach the monitor the measurement is completed automatically. Average time spent on the machine is 5-15 seconds.



54 cm

198 cm


Advertising screen

Sanitising container
5 litraa

* For additional info please contact our team. Specifications are reported with utmost accuracy but may be subject to change.

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Maintenance package benefits

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  • Phone and tech support


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