About Bodypioneer


Our Story.
 Our Mission.

Bodypioneer was founded from the need for renewal. We saw people who wanted to feel and function better, but lacked the tools to do so. Our mission is to provide innovative technology that helps support and increase wellbeing and happiness.

Bodypioneers story begins when Tiiu was in Ireland writing her thesis in Social work. Her weight was bringing her down and she missed the days when exercise was fun and easier. Her BMI shooting through the roof, going to the gym didn’t seem like an option – in her mind it was a place for the already fit and beautiful. 

After finding a way to enjoy exersice through infrared training, it wasn’t long until she was running trail runs and half marathons. She started incorporating exercise programs into her work and soon began to study personal training and taking courses in sports medicine.

She teamed up with her father Tarmo and wondered, why there wasn’t enough places with technology for lowering the threshold for exercise. For the next years they spent their time building a concept gym that answers the wellness needs for all, trying to figure out how they could spread the idea further.

That’s when they met Kirsi, an innovative entrepreneur who shared their vision and wanted to expand it further.

Kirsi grew up in an entrepreneur family. From her father she understood in an early age that demanding work and long hours required balancing recovery. For her father the answer was long-distance sports. He even holds today two Guinness World records for 24hour individual rowing!

Kirsi has been a true lover of sports all her life. She also financed her studies as an aerobic instructor. Today jogging, spiral stabilization and yoga are the base of her everyday morning routines with infrared and vibration therapy.
Kirsi has inherited not only her father’s love of sports but also his talent for business. After responsible positions in family companies Kirsi took a new courageous step to financial sector where she was one of the co-founders of 2013 listed wealth management company Taaleri. But all along she held the idea of a company in wellbeing business.

Then she met Tiiu and the idea of Bodypioneer was born.

With Tiiu’s experience and research in innovative well being technologies and Kirsi’s unique background in entrepreneurship and business, they started the dream team that is now passionately helping people to improve welldoing an happiness globally.


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