Temperature checkpoints as a preventative measure

New challenges create new habits

Covid-19 has forced us to take a closer look at our traditions, daily habits and ways of encountering others. We have now began to adjust the way we encounter others but also how we conduct ourselves. As the world begins to open up its restrictions and focus on discovering the new “normal” we at Bodypioneer want to join in to help minimise the spread of the virus.



Temperature check-points have become standard prosedure in many countries as a means to prevent the spread of viruses. Though Covid-19 can spread many days before the rise in fever, it is still surprisingly common to be out and about while experiencing different symptoms. 


Studies show that around 78% of working people show up to work while sick. The main reason recorded for this was the feeling of responsibility toward the workplace. For the prevention of illnesses such as covid-19, it is important to set a company culture that prevents attending work while ill. 


Does Sanetiq collect information?

– No. Sanetiq only detects temperatures and notifies the user on the spot. We do not collect any personal information or keep data on the health measurements. 

Are temperature checks an effective measure in preventing covid-19?

– Temperature checks are effective in raising awareness and preventing those with symptoms from spreading illness. However, temperature checks do not rule out the need for social distancing. 

How much desinfectant does one dosage contain?

– Sanetiq provides 5.5ml of hand sanitiser, which abides by all recommendations of health care professionals.


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