Bodypioneer joins Nordic Business Forum Live event!

Nordic Business Forum Live: Rethinking business

Nordic Business Forum has invited a few of the world’s top experts to talk about how the crisis will change the world, what kind of opportunities could arise, and what is required from leadership now and in the future. The aim of the event is to provide tools  for managing and surviving during these challenging times and to find new ideas for the future.

We spoke with Maria Krajewska-Olkkonen, the COO of Nordic Business Forum about the event.


What is the Nordic Business Forum Live event?


“The theme of the Nordic Business Forum Live event is rethinking business and we believe that it could not be more relevant than in the current situation.  Our working cultures have been changing already for a while now – but the emergence of coronavirus (COVID-19) has led to a massive transformation, uncertainty, and new challenges impacting so many of us.

Covid-19 has  required many organizations to rapidly adjust operations to the new reality. Of course, this change has a real impact on employees’ wellbeing.”


How would you define your goal for the event? 


“At Nordic Business Forum we not only try to equip our customers with world-class knowledge and insights. We also strive to present concrete tools and solutions that support businesses.”


We at Bodypioneer are extremely excited about being a partner for Nordic Business Forum. How do you see our collaboration and the role of Bodypioneer at Nordic Business Forum?


“We are very proud to have Bodypioneer: superheroes of wellbeing, as our partner. We are happy to see a partner that focuses on the promotion of a healthy lifestyle and self-care! Those are the key factors in increasing the team’s productivity, motivation, and resilience. Needless to say, it also improves the learning capacity, which is important to attendees of our events!

One of the key success factors for business leaders will be the ability to be looking after the employees in this new normal. At the same time, employee wellbeing is not only the responsibility of managers and leaders, but each individual must also take care of themselves too. Therefore, we are happy we have a partner, who offers tools and technology supporting the overall” wellbeing culture” of entire organizations and individuals!”



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