Bringing health to Slush 2019 – What we learned

Slush 2019 was a success all around. Thousands of likeminded people gathered to share thoughts and ideas as well as network with eachother. Bodypioneer was happy to become a part of the Slush experience, as we brought some of our products over to bring a splash of wellbeing to the hectic schedules of attendees. Here’s a few topics that were discussed frequently on our stand.

1. Wellbeing is the word on everyones lips

Whether we spoke to CEO’s, entrepreneurs, HR managers or employees, everyone seemed to agree on one thing: how your workplace provides wellbeing matters. Many are even ready to choose their workplace based on how well they take into account all aspects of wellbeing.

2. We are in need of innovations

Innovations that help lower the threshold for an active lifestyle are needed, as 20% of just the Finnish population remains inactive. Technology is contantly improving, yet we are lacking innovations that make fitness and healthier lifestyles more achievable to all. When an office builds a gym, most likely the ones to use it will be individuals that have already been bitten by the gym bug. This is why we advocate for innovations that provide new ways to start moving that are exiting, fun and easy to use.

3. The way we look at wellness is changing

It used to be a common idea, that the more we work – the more we achieve. Luckily we are now realising that to achieve better results, our bodies need more breaks and fuel. Microbreaks are becoming more popular and we are expanding our thoughts about how to benefit from those breaks more. We are actively looking for ways to nurture our body and mind and turning to new technology and biohacking to do so. Want to know more about our solutions for work place wellbeing? Contact our sales team: +358 20 714 7788


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