The Benefits of Massage Rolling

Roll is a full body massager, that gives instructions to its user while increasing the intensity of the massage as the program progresses. The user changes their position to treat different parts of the body as instructed. The wooden parts of the Roll are shaped to make the massage experience pleasant while infrared warms up the body. Roll will leave you feeling invigorated and relaxed.

The user can decide what kind of treatment they would like to have by altering the pressure against the massage roll. Muscles and deeper fascia can be massaged by stronger pressure. To improve the lymphatic system, and therefore most of the roll’s unique benefits, can be obtained by light, gentle pressure.

What benefits does the Roll have?

Lymphatic system

The lymphatic system removes toxins and other harmful substances from the body as well as fights infections. What blood circulation can’t handle, ends up in the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system also takes care of fluid balance: if the system doesn’t work properly, it can’t transport fluids out of the body which causes bloating.  Your lymphatic system can also be boosted by enhancing circulation in your body. ROLL -massage roller activates the lymphatic system, increases blood circulation and releases fascia; connective tissues in the body. Our roller also has an in-built infrared and collagen lamps. Other advantages of rolling include quick and easily attainable results, it’s efficiency and low cost.

Skin and beauty

Cellulite is mainly fat but also fluid and toxins trapped inside the skin. Rolling softens fascia and boosts cellular metabolism, which is good for the overall health of the skin and also means more firmness and less cellulite. Rolling can also help even decrease and eliminate scar tissue.

Weight loss

Rolling is an excellent way to support weight loss, it has been proven that improved blood circulation and metabolism enhance fat burning. With massage roll, blood circulation can also be improved in areas that otherwise have a weak circulation. This makes rolling efficient for targeted fat loss. By activating lymphatic system, excess fluids can be removed from the body, thus reducing bloating. A lighter feeling at the beginning of a weight loss program will also boost motivation!

Rehabilitation and pain management

Damaging traumas to the body might lead to long lasting discomfort. Both lymphatic drainage and fascial manipulation have been proved to help in treating chronic pain. Even the smallest injuries or operations can result in painful scars, if the tissues surrounding the wound get tightened. The roll combines massage with infrared heat therefore efficiently softening, stretching and modifying tissues. This releases tightness and alleviates pain. Rolling can be a great addition to a rehabilitation program. Increased blood flow in the injured part of the body is beneficial to the healing process, since blood carries oxygen and nutrients, which help the body heal faster.


Immobile lifestyle accumulates toxins in the body, which leads to tightness and aching muscles. Working out too heavily without necessary recovery can do the same. If lymphatic system doesn’t work properly, recovery can be slow and energy levels low. Rolling helps detox and aids recovery. When body is healthy, energy levels stay balanced and the quality of life gets better. Athletes benefit from the stimulating effect rolling has on the muscles. When done before workout, rolling enhances performance.

Roll – massage rolling is now available to your work place or gym! Contact us and we’ll tell you more! +358407151317

Writen by Liisa Oikkonen

Liisa is Bodypioneer’s energetic customer service person. She holds a degree in arts (dance/movement) and is always interested in exploring new forms of fitness. On her days off, you can find Liisa hiking, climbing or meditating in nature. Sources:


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