Pick Up On Employee Wellbeing

Employee wellbeing is the cornerstone of a successful business. There has been a lot of talk about it in recent years, however businesses often seem to struggle to specify let alone measure it. Therefore it’s beneficial to discuss further what wellbeing at work means and what the work community can do to achieve it. This discussion provides tools to compose a sound strategy for employee wellbeing. A good quality strategy ensures the consistency and motivation of existing employees as well as makes the business more competent in the market for future employees.

A good quality strategy for wellbeing comprises of different aspects of health.

Physical wellbeing
(overall health, fitness and nutrition)

Mental wellbeing
(stress control, mood, consistency and motivation)

Professional wellbeing
(a possibility for professional development and to be heard in the work community)

Personal wellbeing; every healthy employee feels good also beyond the working environment

Once wellbeing at work as a term has been specified, it’s easier to understand how wide a concept it is and to start establishing a more overall approach. Consequently an annual wellness day or sports event is not enough to support healthy employees – at least if the business is after quality results.

Questions to help build a sound strategy for employee wellbeing:

  • How does our working environment support active lifestyle?
  • Is our existing health care enought to prevent, not just treat health problems?
  • What kind of solutions could we offer to ensure a diverse diet?
  • How do we recognize an overloaded employee? How do we prevent and treat stress?
  • How do we collect feedback on employee satisfaction?
  • Do we offer quality education to enhance professional development?
  • Can we have an impact on how the employee is feeling outside working hours?

These questions can be used to deepen the understanding of how the business addresses it’s wellbeing and what measures are still needed.


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