Benefits of Vacuum Pressure Training

Lymphatic System

Lymphatic system removes toxins and other harmful substances from the body and fights infections. It also takes care of fluid balance: if the system doesn’t work properly, it can’t transport fluids out of the body which causes bloating. By alternating and targeting vacuum pressure the circulation of lymph can be increased enhancing the overall function of the lymphatic system.

Blood Circulation

The cardiovascular system protects body, transports toxins out of the body and ensures nutrition for tissues. Blood carries oxygen to muscles at work and aids their performance. With vacuum pressure, the oxygen intake of muscles can be increased, enhancing their performance.

Weight Loss

Blood flow can be poor in areas that are more prone to storing fat. Especially women, but also a lot of men suffer from abdominal body fat that is hard to lose. According to research, increasing the blood flow in ”good” brown fat cells burns the ”bad” white fat. This makes the vacuum pressure training efficient for targeted fat loss.

Muscle Activation

The intensity of the workout can be increased by regulating vacuum pressure, as well as muscle activation can be enhanced. Diverse training is crucial in maximizing performance, hence our machines come with 18 different programs to activate muscles variably with vacuum pressure.


Recovery is faster when increasing both blood and lymph circulation. Muscles are provided with more oxygen while toxins move out of the body. A lot of athletes utilize vacuum pressure in recovery and also as a boost for performance since it offers a lightened feeling in the body.

Skin and Beauty

Cellulite is formed when fat cells push against the connective tissue causing a lumpy appearance on the skin. These fat cells disrupt metabolism and oxygen intake of the cells by pressing against the blood and lymph circulation systems. Cellulite is mainly fat but also fluid and toxins trapped inside the skin. It can be prevented and decreased by eating healthy, exercising and by activating the lymphatic system for example with vacuum pressure training.


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