Weight loss and BodyPioneer

BodyPioneer machines take weight loss to the next level. Our machines are designed to inspire and motivate towards finding the joy in exercise by boosting metabolism and providing an edge to your workout. How can a machine make all of this happen, you ask?

Motivation is key in the beginning of every weight loss challenge. It is easy to become discouraged by the soreness of muscles and the long  and sometimes exhausting training sessions. Our machines offer a workout time of only 30 minutes, during which you feel the burn and give it your all yet feel energized afterwards.

Our secret weapon? Infrared heat and Vacuum pressure. Infrared heats the tissue from deeper within offering more flexibility and endurance during your workout. Vacuum pressure provides an exciting new twist to all forms of exercise by increasing the intensity of the workout with added pressure as well as helping to improve circulation and boost the lymphatic system.

If you’re looking for the next generation of weight loss equipment to complete the selection in your gym, contact our sales team and find out more!

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